This practical guide answers the most important
co-creation questions and enables implementing
complete co-creation to create sustainable value.



‘The 7 Principles of Complete Co-Creation’ presents a comprehensive view on co-creation.
Illustrated by various international case studies, it explains co-creation not as a method, tool or project,
but as a new paradigm in which end-users play an ongoing, active role with and for
organizations that are relevant to them.


Stefanie Jansen The Cocreators

Stefanie Jansen

Stefanie is an independent CoCreator with a passion for the target group kids, youth, and families. Trained as a psychologist and qualitative market researcher it is evident to her that end-users should always be involved in the co-creation of solutions for any business challenge or societal challenge. As a CoCreator, Stefanie gets hired by various organizations, such as publishers, municipalities, NGOs, retailers, and FMCG.
Maarten Pieters The Cocreators

Maarten K. Pieters

Maarten currently is Senior Director Customer Experience Managment at the Zumtobel Group. In his role he takes co-creation as a logical vantage point for bringing together the best of Design, Innovation, and Business to create exceptional CX, driving the evolution of how companies engage with its customers. Before this, he was head of Co-creation & People Insight at Signify.
Maarten and Stefanie can be booked as keynote speakers and workshop leaders for Dutch and international events.
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"I strongly believe I will be, in many ways, a better and more insightful designer through my exposure to and practice of
complete co-creation!"

Pierre-Yves Panis, Chief Design Officer, Signify.


"One of those books you cannot ignore. Insightful, to the point and actionable. A book for leaders, innovators, thought provokers and everyone who wants to take co-creation to the next level."

Stijn Verkuilen, Innovation Manager, Heijmans N.V.


"Every single product, organization, service, experience, and process is finally becoming subject to co-development with all its beneficiaries. This book offers you a clear route to move from developing for your customers to developing with your customers."

Olaf Hermans, AI Strategist and Director of Science, SIR-Meta-Intelligence USA.


"A must-read for organisations of all sectors and sizes. It provides valuable and actionable insights for innovators and entrepreneurs, and opens the door to collaboration between co creators across the world."

India's #1 platform for entrepreneurs,



Here we introduce the definition and backgrounds of 'complete co-creation', answering key questions around it.

Chapter 1. Together

This chapter describes how complete co-creation is based on equal collaboration between all relevant internal and external parties.

Chapter 2. With end-users

Here we deeply discuss and make practical, why the end-user always plays a central role in complete co-creation.

Chapter 3. Ongoing

End-users and other relevant parties participate consistently in every phase of the complete co-creation process. This chapter shows how.

Chapter 4. Productive

Here we deep dive into what the difference is between 'co-creation' and 'productive co-creation', and how it leads to implementation.

Chapter 5. Transparent

In complete co-creation, relevant information is accessible to all participants. This chapter discusses moving away from the 'black-box'.

Chapter 6. Supported

This chapter focusses on the importance of establishing and maintaining support among stakeholders, key players, and the co-creation team.

Chapter 7. Value-driven

Complete co-creation results in value for end-users, the involved organizations, and the planet. We discuss three levels of value creation.


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